The Redwoods of California

The most amazing place I have ever woken up was in the redwoods in northern California. I had arrived after sunset, drove around in the dark feeling like I was in a remote jungle while looking for an empty camp site. In the morning I could not believe my eyes, it was not only the night that made it feel so untamed, even in the daylight it still looked wild and unspoiled. The redwoods are gigantic, as in extremely tall, and they are also dense, the forest floor is covered in rich vegetation, huckleberries, fallen trees and ferns, in some spots waist high.

Some of the redwoods are both state and national parks, they cover several different areas across Northern California, which makes them unique in the park system.

I spent the night in Jedediah Smith State Park, in the north end of the redwoods. It was the most dense of the areas I got to explore and the scariest to walk around in. Because of the thickness of the forest, I was alert for the tiniest sounds and movements worrying I might bump into a bear any minute or step on some smaller animal. It truly felt like an untouched ancient forest, and I hope it stays that way for many generations to come.

Further south along the coast are Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park and Redwoods National Park, which I plan on visiting on another trip as I did not have time on this occasion.

I did do a tour of the Avenue of the Giants and walked around in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, also an astonishingly magnificent place and far more accessible than Jedediah.

If you want to visit the redwoods and are looking to be on clear trails or just do a car tour, Humboldt is definitely the better choice. If you want adventure to the max head up north to Jedediah.

the redwoods

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